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Steven Wyer’s career as a businessman and entrepreneur has spanned more than thirty years. As managing director of Reputation Advocate, Steven C. Wyer helps professionals and businesses reclaim their online reputations. He is the author of Violated Online, a book that offers more than 50 specific tips on how the reader can better prepare for an unexpected online attack.

Steven Wyer Discusses Angie’s List Decision to Eliminate Annual Fee

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In March  2016, home services reviews platform Angie’s List announced it would remove the $40 annual membership fee, says Steven Wyer. They made good on that promise in a late June commercial broadcast, featuring company namesake Angie Hicks. In the following Q & A, Steven Wyer answers questions about the possible implications of this decision.

Q: What prompted the move to become a free public site? 

Steven Wyer: The $40 annual fee was thwarting company growth. Angie’s List projects that removing the fee will ultimately more than double its revenue by 2020.

Q: How does this affect business owners in the home services sector?

Steven Wyer: It gives more potential customers access to verified reviews, good or bad. It also means that business owners need to pay more attention to Angie’s List content when it comes time to plan online marketing strategies for the coming years.

Q & A with Steven Wyer | Online Reviews

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Third Coast Interactive CEO Steven Wyer opens up about online reviews and how they impact a business’ bottom line.

Q: Do online reviews affect my business search results and web traffic?

Steven Wyer: Absolutely! A business that receives more online attention, particularly in the form of reviews, may actually end up ranking higher on search engine results pages than one that does not actively seek consumer feedback. Here is the bottom line: consumers are much more likely to visit a company’s website if they get a good feeling about that business from the search results.

Q: How do consumers use online ratings to decide which service provider is right for them?

Steven Wyer: These days, the vast majority of consumers first turn to the Internet when looking for a product or service. This is true across all areas of commerce. Many people believe that if another consumer has taken the time out of their day to post a review, they feel strongly about the service in question. Consumers tend to pay attention when there are multiple reviews that paint either a positive or negative picture of a business. Examines Online Reviews in the Medical Community

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Angry ex-employees or customers are often eager to discuss their displeasure online. Too often to count, the team at has seen such individuals share their frustrations on social media or write a sharply critical review on one of the popular consumer review sites. And, while many business owners and managers might consider mounting a defense on these public forums, says that it is often difficult – even problematic – to overcome the bad publicity.

This problem is exacerbated in the medical community. As our team at has found, consumer reviews of physicians are available on hundreds of online sites, including Yelp, Google Plus and other mainstream sites. Other niche-specific sites like and also house such information. also notes that many reviewers remain anonymous or don’t include their full names. When doctors who oppose physician-review commentary have required their patients to sign documents agreeing not to publish comments about their services online, our team has also seen this tactic backfire. believes that anonymous online opinions should receive a complete examination from users, and should never be the sole source of details about a current or prospective physician. Many physicians are now subject to crowdsourced reviews, just as practitioners in other industries have been. Every day, the team at examines the enormous risk posed by a negative review –  simply because a patient disagrees with the diagnosis or prescription. Physicians’ refusals may sometimes result in a bad review, but advises that this commentary could be inaccurate and misleading. has also found that physicians are increasingly becoming the focus of consumer reviews. We are of the mind that physician-review sites need to provide more meaningful details in order to maintain their authority.

On most sites, has not seen clearly delineated lists of standards. Some sites will charge a small fee for users to peruse physician reviews. And sites that use checkmarks, letter grades and stars are not always clear about what these values mean., for example, offers more than just user reviews. Patients have the ability to schedule appointments on the site with physicians who pay for listings. Only patients who make appointments with the given physician are allowed to share reviews. has also seen where patients are encouraged to consider topics such as waiting times and bedside manner in their analysis.

If you perform a Google search about online reputation management, you’re likely to find an overwhelming amount of advice, leading you in a thousand different directions. The team at offers the capability to develop a strategy in terms of online management tailored to your particular business and what it has to offer. is a proponent of the idea that the first results a person sees after a Google search of your business should empower him or her to make a purchasing decision. As a business owner or manager, you have the ability to develop content that is positive and helpful. Since most Google users (99 percent, in fact) only scroll through the first page of search results, this should include an accurate, honest, and transparent reflection of your business products and services.

By monitoring brand mentions on social media profiles and review forums, the team at can assist your business in attracting both return customers and new prospects. Learning about this feedback can set the course for future events. Quite simply, challenges business owners to consider that while maintaining engagement on all of these digital assets may seem daunting, it’s becoming a necessity for all businesses. The team at points out that this holds especially true for businesses in sensitive or controversial industries, and for professionals in the medical and health care fields.

Steven Wyer

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Steven Wyer learned about reputation management the hard way.

The respected businessman saw his online reputation marred, literally overnight, when two of companies he owned endured litigation. Steven Wyer watched helplessly as misinformation took over search results, leaving him no recourse. Whether the information was true or not was irrelevant, Steven Wyer’s business was irrevocably damaged.

At the time, Steven Wyer had built two impressive businesses out of collecting consumer debt. With clients including General Electric, Chase, and H&R Block, Steven Wyer’s Wyer Creative Communications, Inc. was named the fastest growing company in Middle Tennessee for five years in a row before the litigation changed it all.

“It was shocking that people from the other side of the world asked questions that had nothing to do with the professional relationship I had developed with them,” Steven Wyer reflects. “Both businesses ended up shutting their doors because of information I had no control over.”

The information continued to haunt Steven Wyer in 2006, when he tried to diversify his professional interests. The entire experience showed Steven Wyer now negative information that shows up in search results can impact a person’s business, financial outlook, and even his personal relationships. Steven Wyer is alarmed to see how often such negative information comes from a competing business, an angry former employee, or an unhappy customer in the throes of a bad day.

Because the Internet is unfiltered and unmanaged, Steven Wyer says, there is no way to control such misinformation. People who have worked a lifetime to build a business can have it all wiped away in a matter of hours, with no recourse.

Through his business,, Steven Wyer works to help those whose reputations have been marred online. Additionally, Steven Wyer has published a book, Violated Online, that details what can happen when a person’s reputation is attacked. Offering more than fifty tips to prepare for such an attack, Steven Wyer’s book has put him in demand on the speaking circuit, and he now works hard to juggle a thriving business and his work on his next book.

In the book, Steven Wyer details how the very laws that protect our rights to free speech have backfired on us in the internet age. The government will rarely step in when someone has been defamed online, Steven Wyer says, leaving companies and individuals with nowhere to turn. Violated Online arms readers with the tools necessary to survive in the digital age, outlining specific steps everyone can take today to protect against an online attack.

Violated Online is available from Amazon in softcover and e-book format, with downloads available for the Nook, iBook, Kindle, and PDF.

Steven Wyer on funding for small-cap companies

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Domestic small-cap lending | Steven Wyer

Steven Wyer LinkedIn

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