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Steven Wyer’s career as a businessman and entrepreneur has spanned more than thirty years. As managing director of Reputation Advocate, Steven C. Wyer helps professionals and businesses reclaim their online reputations. He is the author of Violated Online, a book that offers more than 50 specific tips on how the reader can better prepare for an unexpected online attack.

Q & A with Steven Wyer | Online Reviews

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Third Coast Interactive CEO Steven Wyer opens up about online reviews and how they impact a business’ bottom line.

Q: Do online reviews affect my business search results and web traffic?

Steven Wyer: Absolutely! A business that receives more online attention, particularly in the form of reviews, may actually end up ranking higher on search engine results pages than one that does not actively seek consumer feedback. Here is the bottom line: consumers are much more likely to visit a company’s website if they get a good feeling about that business from the search results.

Q: How do consumers use online ratings to decide which service provider is right for them?

Steven Wyer: These days, the vast majority of consumers first turn to the Internet when looking for a product or service. This is true across all areas of commerce. Many people believe that if another consumer has taken the time out of their day to post a review, they feel strongly about the service in question. Consumers tend to pay attention when there are multiple reviews that paint either a positive or negative picture of a business.

Q: So will having positive online reviews offer me a competitive advantage?

Steven Wyer: Positive reviews offer consumers a feeling of comfort about your business prior to the establishment of a working relationship. It also follows that negative reviews then to cause doubt. Consumers tend to do business with companies that have positive feedback. Think about it–who hires a three star dentist?

Q: How do I monitor what is said about my business online?

Steven Wyer: The first step is to go look! See what’s posted online about you is to do a search for your business. After that, you may wish to create an account on websites that focus specifically on customer reviews, like Angie’s List and Yelp. Many industries have sites specific to their line of work. For instance, Zomato focuses on restaurants while lets patients comment on their experiences with doctors. Our proprietary solution helps businesses choose the option that is right for them. You can check it out by visiting

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